Photo of cat and dog

Photo of cat and dog


Why not learn
to become
an implanter?


Rosemayre and pet-detect are retiring from microchips as of today!

Biotope have taken on the Trovan distributorship and will try to achieve the level of support that you have had before - but please be patient. We will work hard at it, but they have been a tough act to follow.

The new 'brand' will be petDetect (no hyphen and a capital) to enable pet-detect chips to be recognised differently from petdetect at petlog.

our direct phone is 01962-813554, although the usual number will be redirected.

Please note, while we will remain keen on prices we can't match the prices which pet-detect were temporarily offering to clear their stock. For now all special offers which may be tucked away on the website are ended. We will be be starting afresh but please ignore any special prices for now.


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