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FAQ Databases

Are there databases other than Petlog?

In the UK, there are now five or six! However, some of these databases are located abroad, operating call centres with little or no local knowledge about the UK. Three are 'company owned' and may therefore use data to promote other products and services - ie sending out advertising material.
Petlog is the one we use and is by far the biggest and is maintained in the UK by The Kennel Club. Petlog operate 24/7, are based in Aylesbury and are Founding members of the of the European Pet Network, which means that if you lose your pet in mainland Europe you still have a very good chance of being reunited with it. Petlog also run and promote National Microchipping Month every June.

AVID opted out of using the Petlog database altogether in favour of their own exclusive database - originally held in the USA but now they have established their PetTrac in UK. AnimalCare (brand name IdentiChip) use the AniBase database operated by AnimalCare Inc in the UK. Although they all liaise with Petlog, Petlog is not permitted to view their records. If you wish to find out which database your chip resides on - go to: or ,/a>and key in the microchip number.

What is the fee for life-long registration onto Petlog?

The registration fee is generally part of the price of the microchip. Depending on how the Implanter registers the pet onto the Petlog database they pay as little as £1.25 (+ VAT) per pet for life-long registration. The implantation of the chip is of course on top of that.

Are there any further charges for my pet to remain on the Petlog database?

No! Once your pet is registered with Petlog, there are no further fees to pay - UNLESS you move address. Amendments to the Petlog database (such as moving address or pet ownership) on the ‘basic’ service will incur a small fee, however this is a one off payment for life. Amendments are free if clients choose to sign up to their Petlog Premium Lost and found Service currently around £16 for life.

What is Petlog Premium?

Petlog Premium is a Lost and Found service. If you have upgraded to Petlog Premium then you will be entitled to a whole host of benefits including: 30-mile radius alert of where your pet went missing, download of lost pet posters, addition of 2nd carer/holiday information, collar tags, SMS text direct to database if your pet goes missing and much more:- Please visit their website:

I have lost my pet – what should I do?

Contact Petlog asap 01296 336 579 and let them know. They will flag your pet's record with a missing marker and advise you on what else you can do to help find your pet.

Be aware that at this stressful time, you can become vulnerable to scams, in which certain organisations and supposedly helpful sites attempt to sign you up for insurance, products, DNA profiling etc. One such company, now defunct, was The Missing Pets Bureau. By all means donate if you feel you have received good, honest service as these sites are normally registered charities and rely on donations - but do not pay any money for promises of help or services you don't need. Call Petlog on 01296 336 579 - if your chip is registered with them they will advise you and there's no charge.

I have found a stray pet – what should I do?

Firstly, thank you for taking him or her in - your action could save a lot of heart-ache. You should take the pet to a local veterinary centre or rescue or anyone who owns a microchip scanner. Ask them to scan the animal to see if it has been microchipped. If they are a veterinary centre/dogwarden/welfare centre they will probably contact Petlog for you, if not note down the number carefully and contact Petlog on 01296 336 579, they will assist in getting the pet home safely. Other genuine sites are and There may be others of course.

And thank you again - it's good to know people care - you will get your reward in good Karma...