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These days anyone can own a microchip scanner. You don't have to be a Appropriately Trained Implanter or vet to buy a microchip scanner.  Many people wish to own a scanner especially if they are travelling with their animals or a dog and cat breeder.

Scanners have become smaller and cheaper. All scanners operate on a low-frequency radio wave (RFID). It's simply a matter of positioning the scanner close to the animal's fur and pressing a button. The scanner interrogates the chip to capture the microchip number and then displays that number on the LED screen. It's simple. petDetect offer several scanner models to suit various applications, including bespoke scanners for zoos and fisheries.

Pocket microchip scanners are very popular with dog and cat breeders, veterinary centres, airports, seaports, rescue organizations, police forces, councils, highway authorities and those who travel abroad with their pets.



Scanning technique is VERY important.  The microchip is implanted mid-line between the shoulder blades, however please be mindful that some microchips do move from the implant site and therefore it is extremely important to scan the whole animal and SLOWLY.  Begin by turning the scanner on.  Place the reading 'hot spot' of the scanner directly onto the fur of the animal mid-line between the shoulder blades and SLOWLY scan in an arc motion.  If you scan too quickly you may miss the chip.  If the chip is not detected between the shoulder blades continue to scan the WHOLE body of the animal and remember to go slowly.



Our very cost-effective Halo Scanner is ideal for breeders who have similar looking puppies and want to know 'who's who', or people travelling with their pet and it has a 15 digit microchip. Reads the FDX-B 15 digit microchip only - but that is the most widely used chip in the UK and Europe. The Halo is rechargeable via a mini-USB cable (supplied) via your computer.

Our mid-range Standard (PetScan) scanner reads the FDX-A chip which is the very old type of chip plus the FDX-B chip which is the current 15 digit microchip used here in the UK and in Europe. For scanning farm livestock, we generally recommend the PetScan, as this one is the most rugged and also has a wrist band that can also be attached to a belt for multi usage. The PetScan is rechargeable via a mini-USB cable (supplied) via your computer.

The Universal (Detect-a-Chip) scanner is so clever that it can read ALL known microchips for animal identification, regardless of where in the world the chip originates. We recommend this for vets and zoos especially, but anywhere that older chips may be found will find the Universal invaluable. The Universal takes 9-vol alkaline batteries NOT zinc.

All scanners (and all other equipment) have a Warranty of one year against manufacturing faults.  If you are having problems with your scanner and it is out of Warranty, we still recommend you contact us. We have a great deal of experience with these scanners and may be able to diagnose and fix the problem. We always aim to save you from replacing a scanner that still has life in it!  Before contacting us though, please do check the battery - it must be a 9-volt alkaline battery NOT zinc.

Postage and packing for scanners is £7.95 (UK destinations) plus 20% VAT.

We are a very customer-oriented company so do call us and we will assist whenever we can.

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