The petDetect System


The 'petDetect' Microchip:
Made in the E.U. on behalf of Trovan who own all the patents. Sterilized and blister packed. Uses the latest technology (FDX-B) and fully complies with the Pet Passport Scheme. The Trovan microchip has only 6 components (compared with 16 - 19 components in most other brands) and does not contain any lead solder.

It is also one of the smallest microchips on the market and independent tests show that the smaller the microchip the less likely it is to migrate. Can be scanned by all I.S.O. scanners, regardless of manufacturer. There are 6 barcode labels attached to each blister-pack.

The Needle:
The needle has a large double bevel, which makes it as sharp as a scalpel! Its thin wall design helps to minimise discomfort to the animal by decreasing resistance to insertion, even on tough skinned animals. Fits securely onto the Implant Gun.

The Implant Gun:
Strong durable 'pistol-grip' gun for total control and ease of use. Fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and is operated by simply squeezing the trigger.   We're still using guns at our courses that are 10 years old so you can expect these to last way beyond their one year warranty.

Nickel-plated nametag:
Identification nickel-plated metal tag for dogs. Petlog’s 24 hour lost and found telephone number on one side and blank on the other side for the owner's details and contact number.

The Petlog Registration Form:
Designed by Petlog. Each microchip comes with life-long registration. Registration can be done by sending the hard-copy of the form to Petlog or the Implanter of the chip can go on-line to register directly onto the Petlog database.  If you're an Implanter and use the on-line option you may want to print our Petlog jotter form - Go to the Home Page and hit the Petlog green button on the right of your screen.

Bar codes:
Each microchipping system comes with 6 bar code labels. Offer your client 3 spare bar code labels for future use on insurance certificates or travel documents.

The System:
Boxed in multiples of 10's and 20's so that you don't have to hold large stocks. Delivery usually within 3 working days of placing order, but let us know if you require the stock urgently and we will do our best to send it out the same day.

Ordering One Chip for America

In the USA they use a different chip protocol to us Europeans.  If you need one of these chips don't panic, we can obtain one if you give us sufficient notice.  They fit onto our Implant Gun because they have the same locking mechanism and are made by AEG especially for Trovan.

We accept cheques (made payable to Biotope Ltd) and most credit cards. Place your order over the phone - 01962-813554 or on-line at  The choice is yours. When payment is by cheque we will only send the goods once the cheque has been cleared by your bank.


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