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aston-martin-db9As a way of saying we appreciate your custom, each order we receive for microchipping equipment is entered into the PET-DETECT® monthly draw for a Best Of the Best voucher worth £10. We will draw TWO customers each month. Orders received on or after the 1st of the month will be entered into that month's draw. Your Voucher could win you a sporty car such as the Porsche Boxster or Bentley Continental! Imagine what your friends would say!

The competition is easy to enter – If you win one of our Vouchers simply visit  The Best of The Best website and get your family and friends to help you ‘spot the ball’.  The website also has an up-to-date list of ALL cars on offer, plus draw rules and instructions. Simply use your Voucher Code instead of your credit card.  Ask yourself - which other chip company offers you a chance to win something so beautiful, so useful, so make-your-friends-green-with-envy gorgeous?  Your friends and family will swoon! We hope you win the most wonderful car of your dreams - do let us know if you hit the jackpot, so that we can mention it on our web site!

Cars can also be viewed in the departure lounges at most airports. Good luck!


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