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Halo Scanner

The Halo Scanner is a microchip scanner that reads FDX-B (15 digit) and FDX-A (10 digit) microchips. It is perfect for UK implanters looking to ensure a microchip has been successfully deployed, or owners/ breeders to identify their own pet’s microchip. The Halo Scanner should be held flat over the animal (Halo logo in the palm of your hand) when looking for a microchip to ensure the most accurate results. Features include:

  • Ergonomic design for user’s comfort
  • Rechargeable via a supplied mini-USB cable
  • Beep to say a microchip has been found
  • Good read range
  • Power saver will turn the scanner off after 40 seconds of non-use
  • Scanner Angel compatible (software CD supplied)


Scanner Angel allows the user to instantly see if the scanned animal has been reported missing. This makes the Halo a viable scanner for rescues, vets and other welfare agencies if used in conjunction with a Universal Microchip Scanner. To enable this feature the scanner must be plugged into a computer and the software set up. Currently only available for a Windows operating system.

To increase the chance of locating a microchip with your microchip scanner please follow our ‘How to scan for a microchip’ guide.



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