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FAQ Microchipping Courses

The below information only applies to training courses in England, Scotland and Wales. If you are wishing to train to implant microchips in dogs within the Republic of Ireland, then please contact the Irish Kennel Club.

The compulsory microchipping legislation for dogs introduced across the UK now states that all new learners wanting to train to microchip dogs must attend a training course that has been approved by the relevant Government department for that purpose. All course must now comply with the National Occupational Standards, which the MTA helped to develop. We are currently in process of setting up to be able to offer a compliant course, and hope to be able to offer training in England, Scotland and Wales. We aim to deliver training that is cost effective, whilst still ensuring implanters receive the highest standard of training. Our course aims to train implanters who are fully confident in understanding how microchips work, the implantation and registration process, as well as the knowledge to ensure they can educate pet owner's of their responsibilities under any relevant legislation. We also offer complete support for implanters, and are always happy to provide advice on any queries implanters may have - be it technical, legislative or anything inbetween.

If you have received previous training, then please see our compulsory microchipping FAQs for how the changes will affect you.

The steps for the new course are as follows:

  • ☻Learners will be sent the course handbook and supporting literature ahead of their training day, and will be expected to familiarise themselves with the knowledge and understanding element of the course before they attend.
  • ☻The training course will be a day long event, and will be divided into two parts.
  • ☻Part 1 will involve learning about the knowledge and understanding that is required to successfully implant microchips in companion animals. 
  • ☻Part 2 will involve a practical session on the implantation process.
  • ☻Once the assessor and learner are satisfied that learners are confident in both the knowledge and understanding, as well as the practical skills required, learners will need to undertake an assessment. This will involve a question and answer session using both written and oral assessment methods, as well as a practical assessment. You will need to bring a minimum of two animals to implant, preferrably one dog plus a cat, rabbit or ferret. If the assessor is satisifed that you have passed all the required criteria, learners will then be issued with a certificate of completion.

We will update this page and people on our course waiting list as soon as we have more information available.

Please be aware that any training providers offering courses on microchip implantation in dogs - all training providers running courses for this purpose must be offering a training course that has been approved by the relevant Government department. 

For more information about the QCF and the National Occupational Standards click here.