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Find an Implanter

Our search tool allows you to find implanters who use Trovan microchips and the Petlog database. They have all received training.

Because we can't be there at the time of implanting we can't actually endorse anyone and we can't accept any liability for your using a particular implanter. If using an implanter listed on this search tool then you should check that they have appropriate insurance and that they are implanting a Trovan microchip which will be registered onto the Petlog database. Any implanter should be able to provide proof of training and the relevant insurance documentation if requested to do so. If you are using the tool to search for an implanter for your dog, we would ask you as the dog owner to check that the implanter is able to implant in accordance with the compulsory microchipping legislation relevant to your area. The implanters should be able to provide proof of training to you.