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What happens if I use the wrong implant gun?

We offer two different sizes of microchip - the regular 12mm and mini 8mm. If implanters choose to use the two part needle and implant tool system, our microchips are sold pre-loaded into individually packed, sterilized needles which are attached to the chosen implant tool prior to inserting the microchip. The needles are of two different sizes, reflecting the difference in the microchip size. It is important to ensure you have the correct sized implant tool for the chosen microchip size to ensure it is implanted successfully. Failure to do so will lead to problems.

You should NEVER attempt to implant a petDetect microchip with a gun or syringe from another microchip supplier as the needle system will be different and cannot be guaranteed to work correctly. Similarly, NEVER use a petDetect implant gun or syringe with microchips supplied by another company.


needles with chips


Normally the microchip can be seen at the tip of the needle. A small amount of silicone visible on the inside of the needle holds the microchip within the needle until the pushrod system is activated by depressing the trigger/plunger on the implant tool. 


microchip pushrod and needles   The needle has a plastic push-rod inside to push the microchip out. It is secured inside the needle by the expansion section in the middle. It is very important that as you assemble the needle and implant tool and insert the needle under the skin of the animal, that you do not depress the trigger/plunger too early - doing so will activate the pushrod system and lead to the microchip misfiring. Only depress the trigger/plunger once the needle has been inserted to the required depth within the animal.
microchip pushed out of needle   In normal use the plastic push-rod inside the needle will push the microchip out and protrude slightly. In use, after depressing the trigger/plunger to deploy the microchip, you should then pinch either side of the needle as it is retracted to ensure the microchip is held in place within the animal.­­
    When you use the wrong implant tool for needle type...
mini needle used on regular gun  

If you use a mini microchip needle with a regular implant tool, you will only have a short needle sticking out (so won’t be able to implant the microchip to the correct depth) and when you pull the trigger to deploy the microchip the push-rod will protrude out of the needle. You may then accidentally pull the push-rod out when holding the microchip in place as you withdraw the needle from the animal.  

regular needle used on mini gun  

If you use a regular microchip needle with a mini implant tool, then the microchip will barely be pushed out of the needle even if the trigger/plunger is fully depressed. Even if you pinch either side of the needle as it is withdrawn from the animal the microchip may not deploy from the needle correctly leading to misfires.


If you are unsure which size microchip gun you have, please contact the office at or on 01962 813 554 and we will be happy to assist you.