BSAVA 2018

BSAVA 2018

Vetark Avipro Plus for dogs

We were there again, always a great show for us, chance to speak to lots of friends of Vetark our sister company who kindly let us have some space. The National Indoor Arena at Birmingham is a fantastic space and swallows the thousands of vets with ease.

Vetark were launching their new EU licensed probiotic Avipro Plus for dogs

Vets are always interested in our Universal Scanner especially, this reads every chip used worldwide - many countries do not use the ISO microchips we use, and so their chips can be missed when the dogs are scanned.

Breeders come to the UK to participate in shows like Crufts, they have 30 days to re-chip a dog with a non-ISO chip using an ISO one. Re-chipping seems unreasonable to some but an owner could lose the dog on day 1 and nobody would be able to read it unless they had a Universal scanner. This could result in the loss of a valuable stud dog etc.

Thats why we donated scanners to all of the airport animal teams!

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