COVID news

COVID news


We have now established a dropoff system with our local post office (ours are inundated since one closed due to staff being infected). Also we have organised the supply through our veterinary practice which sends out medicines to farms. 

We have plenty of stock of our  top quality German manufactured microchips (not Chinese).

So, EMERGENCY orders can still be placed and we will get them out on one of our 'drug runs'.

Support the NHS, stay at home as instructed and hopefully we will all get through this difficult time.

Stay well.


We originally closed our office for the lockdown period. We are a shop, and can't claim that our supplies are truly essential - we did take advice on this. Selling of pets isn't permitted we understand, and all 8 wk old puppies were conceived 'in a time of COVID'.

We take this very seriously and have a responsibility to ourselves and our staff. Currently the information is that the lockdown ends at Easter, so we will still take orders and fulfill them when we can ship them.