carp fishing microchipped

Chips4Fish is now part of Biotope:specialist veterinary consultancy. We are offering microchips at a discount currently as we are selling off our Trovan stock.

Many fisheries and aquaria choose to microchip their fish for security and stock management.

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big fish microchip

Strictly there are no legal requirements for anyone implanting microchips in fish to receive any training, but as some knowledge is required in order to implant microchips in fish safely, to avoid damage or welfare concerns we strongly recommend that training be carried out.

We can advise via our in-house fish vet  Dr.Peter Scott FRCVS. 

Chips4Fish continues to work closely with Petlog the national dog and cat microchip database. Petlog have added fish to their database so this has given fish a national database.  Indeed an international database coverage as Petlog themselves share information with who have international coverage!

no-kill caviar

Through our MD and resident fish specialist Dr.Peter Scott FRCVS we have recently been involved with a really exciting initiative to produce caviar without killing the fish - unlike classic caviar production. We microchipped all of the broodfish and they can all be identified so that each pot of caviar can be traced back to a large happily still swimming sturgeon.

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