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What microchip database do petDetect use?

petDetect microchips sold for use within the UK are registered onto the Petlog database, they are maintained in the UK by The Kennel Club and are by far the biggest. Petlog operate 24/7, are based in Aylesbury and are Founding members of the of the European Pet Network, which means that if you lose your pet in Mainland Europe you still have a very good chance of being reunited with it. Petlog also run and promote National Microchipping Month every June.

Over 7 million pet owners trust Petlog to help reunite them with their lost pets. If your pet ever goes missing, Petlog gives you the best chance of finding them. Petlog can provide extensive advice and support when pets are either lost or found.

With the introduction of the compulsory microchipping legislation for dogs across the UK and Ireland, all databases which hold pet and owner details for dogs must also now be Government compliant. Petlog are a compliant database for this purpose in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and are also fully ISO 9001/2 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Microchips sold for use in dogs in the Republic of Ireland are offered in conjunction with the Irish Kennel Club database. The Irish Kennel Club are a DAFM compliant database, and offer easy dual registration for dogs onto both the IKC pedigree register, as well as a dog microchip database by completing one form. They also register non-pedigree dogs.

So do petDetect store any owner or pet details at all?

No, we at petDetect are a microchip supplier. We have records of which microchips have been allocated to a particular implanter, but all enquiries about pet and owner details, as well as requests to change these details should be made to Petlog or the IKC directly.

Are there databases other than Petlog?

In the UK there are several microchip databases. Among them Petlog, Anibase, AVID petTRAC, Pet Protect, SmartTrac and Pet Identity UK.

With the introduction of the compulsory microchipping for dogs in UK, all databases operating within the UK must communicate with eachother to ensure pet and owner details can be traced. This means that even if the microchip isn't stored with one particular database, a search can be performed using the microchip number and the database that does hold the pet and owner details can be located.

A list of DAFM compliant databases for the Republic of Ireland can be found on their website. All compliant dog microchip databases must be a member of EuroPetNet, meaning that the database where a microchip is registered can always be located using one simple search portal.

What is the fee for life-long registration onto Petlog?

The fee for basic Petlog registration is generally part of the price of the microchip. Depending on how the implanter registers the pet onto the Petlog database they pay as little as £0.80 (+ VAT) per pet for life-long registration. There are no extra fees payable on top of this unless a change of keeper details or keepership is required.

Are there any further charges for my pet to remain on the Petlog database?

No! Once your pet is registered with Petlog, there are no further fees to pay - unless you need to amend your details - see above. Amendments to the Petlog database (such as moving address or changes to keepership) on the ‘basic’ service will incur a fee, you can either choose to pay to make each change as required, or, for a one off payment pet owners can upgrade to the Petlog Premium service. Once upgraded, changes to keepership details, amongst many other benefits, are free of charge for the lifetime of the animal whilst it is in your care.

What is Petlog Premium?

Petlog Premium is an upgrade service - if you have upgraded to Petlog Premium then you will be entitled to a whole host of benefits including: 30-mile radius alert of where your pet went missing, download of lost pet posters, addition of 2nd carer/holiday information, collar tags, SMS text direct to database if your pet goes missing and much more. For more information visit Petlog's website.

I have lost my pet – what should I do?

Firstly, contact Petlog as soon as possible on 01296 336 579 to report this. Petlog have a very useful checklist for owners to follow on their website.

If you suspect that your pet has been stolen, inform the police as soon as possible.

I have found a stray pet – what should I do?

The pet should be taken to your local vet practice, rescue, or to anyone who owners a microchip scanner to find out if the pet is microchipped. If one is present, then the microchip database can be contacted to find out owner details so the pet can be returned safely.

Petlog also have a very useful checklist for finders of a lost pet to follow on their website.

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