What do I do if I've found a microchipped pet?

The purpose of a microchip is to improve the chance that a pet makes it home and speed up the process of doing so. Found animals should be taken to a vet, rescue, implanter or grooming parlour as they will usually have a microchip scanner available. It is important someone who is familiar with the scanner uses it as every scanner has a different 'hotspot' where the energy it emits is strongest. This maximises the chance a microchip will be located if the animal is indeed microchipped. Once the number is recieved it can be used to find the contact details of the rightful owner and arrange a speedy reunion.
Where is the owner information stored?
The information is stored on a secure database accessible by phone by authorised persons like vets, implanters, rescues and dog wardens. petDetect uses Petlog as our database provider as they hold both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 for the quality of their data protection so we know they can be trusted with client's data. As the UK's largest database they also offer well-established links across the world to assist if a pet is removed from the country.
Who do I contact?
You should always contact the database provider - not the microchip supplier. That means, if the number begins with 956 you need to contact petlog instead of petDetect. If you do call us, we will give you the petlog number (01296 336 579) as they are the only ones with access to the owner's information.
If the microchip is not supplied by petDetect we cannot guarantee which database you require as there are several in the UK. In this instance you should still contact Petlog as they can inform you of which database holds the information.
Why can't you help?
While the first 3 digits of the UK standard microchip (ISO FDX-B) number like 956000000123456 relate to the company which supplied the chip for implantation, we do not keep the database of owner's records.
It's not uncommon for microchip suppliers to have no access to the owner information database. This is because we only deal with implanters to ensure the pet recieves a quality microchip in a safe manner and supply the means by which to register it on a recognised database. The changes to the law with the Compulsory Microchipping legislation have laid out conditions for databases to meet and this, alongside Petlog's accreditation, means we feel working with Petlog is the best possible approach for our pet owners.
What happens if the information is wrong?
If the registration has not been completed or the owner has moved and not updated their details petlog will use a system known as 'backtrack'  to see if they can locate the owner. This involves microchip suppliers and our implanters. As this can take a while and has no guarantee of reunification owners should always ensure their contact details are up to date.
When can I contact the database?
Petlog are available 24/7, 365 days a year (and leap days too!) This is another reason to contact Petlog instead of petDetect - we are only in the office during business hours so a dog found on Friday night would have to wait until Monday to be safely reunited with their owners.
Making sure you contact Petlog on 01296 336 579 if you find a pet with a Trovan microchip in the UK is the best start to getting them safely home to their owners. Losing a pet is a highly stressful, emotional experience so let's work together to ensure pets are returned safely.

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