Hedgehogs and other wildlife

microchip a hedgehog

We have had a few contacts lately about microchipping wildlife, especially hedgehogs and thought that it might be useful to summarise them and the comments I gleened from rescuers.

They are generally placed in the standard mammal place (mainline in the scruff roughly between shoulder blades),  really just like a subcutaneous injection, picking up quills to lift the skin. Its is usuaally done conscious, but obviously it  could  be done under anaesthesia. Usually rehabbers use microchips for post release monitoring. 

There is no formal requirement for training to do this but feel that some training would be sensible. RCVS has struggled with it and feels that it should be veterinary only, although it doesn't require speciualist anatomic knowledge.

We do feel that understanding what they are doing, how the chips work basically and practicing aseptic techniques are very important as is animal welfare in the whole process.

There’s no central register, that’s part of the problem. Each rescue records its own. Some animals, hedgehogs in particular, are being chipped more than once - they should ALWAYS be scanned thoroughly before being microchipped. The Badger Trust did at one time have a  register for badgers but that’s long  gone we understand. petlog will hold records centrally, at the moment this costs 80p plus VAT.

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