I have got a new pet!

labrador puppy with kitten

Once home, what do you do now?

The law which came into effect in 2016 requires the puppy to first be registered to the breeder before it is 8weeks old.

This isn't yet the same for cats (no legal requirement, just good sense).

For pets implanted in the UK the cost of basic lifelong registration with Petlog is included in the cost of the microchip - BUT THE LAW REQUIRES THE FIRST REGISTERED KEEPER TO BE THE BREEDERS - NOT ANY NEW OWNER. Hence the need to transfer keepership.

The microchip has a unique 15-digit microchip number and owners/keepers details are stored in a database referenced by this number. We use the Petlog database.

petlog fees

When you take over keepership you should contact Petlog, either by phone or via the web. You should have received the registration details from the breeder, which then enable you to complete the transfer of keepership.

With a Petlog online account - you can update your email address, mobile and daytime numbers free of charge. To change your address or transfer keepership at any time then you will be charged a nominal administrative fee of £10. However, we recommend upgrading to the Petlog Premium service for £17, which allows any number of updates to your details over your pets lifetime.

Once this has occurred, a registration confirmation certificate will be sent by email or post from Petlog. Please check this carefully for any errors, and keep it for your records, as it will contain the relevant information required if you need to change your details in the future. If you do not receive confirmation within 14 days, please contact Petlog on 01296 336 579.

Legally a dog isn't microchipped unless its details are recorded on a database and kept up to date.

The simplest route is to go their website:


The same comments apply if you find that your pet isn't registered on a database, Its VERY sensible to check that you are the registered owner. All TROVAN microchips should be registered with petlog - CHECK.

We are finding that rescue cats especiallty (although sometimes also dogs!) may not have been registered, they have been microchipped and papers given to new owners to register the pet but everybody was so excited that it didn't happen. 

If your pet isn't on a database, then if its a dog it isn't actually legally microchipped and you are breaking the law. If its a cat then nobody will know where to return it.

CONTACT PETLOG via the details above and REGISTER YOUR PET


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