The Microchip Trade Association (MTA)


petDetect are a member of the Microchip Trade Association (MTA)

The MTA was set-up in 2012 to promote standards of excellence across the industry; it's members include both suppliers and manufacturers of microchips and microchipping equipment in the UK. Membership is voluntary, and all members must abide by the MTA’s code of conduct that covers all aspects of supplying microchips for use in companion animals; from the supply of equipment to providing microchip implanter training.

Its main aims are::

  •     To promote standards of excellence across the industry and to share information between members to allow this to be achieved.
  •     To liaise with organisations which are involved with microchipping
  •     To represent the microchipping industry as a whole and ensure the industry’s interests are promoted.

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Its members have over 25 years experience in the microchipping industry and have provided advice on all aspects of RFID use in animals, as well as offering training for implanters. It works closely with the pet microchip databases, the veterinary profession, implanters and animal welfare organisations.

It has also been heavily involved in many important industry changes including:

  •     The MTA were closely involved with LANTRA in developing the new Level 3 Award in Microchip Implantation.
  •     The MTA worked with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) established the adverse events reporting scheme.
  •     The MTA were also closely involved with DEFRA and the Government in providing advice and data for use in drafting of the compulsory microchipping legislation.

Implanters and pet owners who choose to use petDetect can be confident that we strive for excellence and work with other MTA members to ensure the industry continues to evolve and improve. Working alongside the MTA also allows us to provide a strong voice during any changes within the industry.

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