We would always recommend microchipping of parrots

Image kindly supplied by Avian Veterinary Services

Always go to an experienced avian vet for parrot microchipping

African Grey parrots (AGP) were elevated to CITES appendix 1 on 4th Feb 2017. An A10 certificate is required if owners want to use the bird for commercial purposes (which include selling it or its offspring for money). 

If the bird was bred pre 4th Feb 2017, the owner can get an A10 with various means of "proof" that it was hatched before that date, providing the bird is uniquely identified. Various documents can be used to support ownership prior to 4th Feb 2017 to enable the A10 to be issued, such as dated  sexing certificates, microchipping, veterinary attendance, pet insurance etc.

microchip in an avian xray

The guidance for such birds is available to read online:


For somebody with a pet AGP which needs microchipping, there is not a lot different for the implanter (vet) to worry about even with the recent elevation to appendix 1 (although its useful to advise the owners of this and the need to have an A10 for certain purposes). 

There is no paperwork the implanter needs to see in order to microchip it. Many baby parrots are sold with a certificate of origin and DNA sexing results (sometimes + disease testing results) but many aren't. This doesn't affect the microchipping. 

Image kindly supplied by Avian Veterinary Services

If the owners are specifically bringing the bird to an implanter to microchip it for CITES purposes and are asking about this - advise them to contact CITES in Bristol to find out exactly what they need. The rules change!

If the bird has been bred after 4th Feb 2017 (after elevation of the species to appendix 1), the breeder will need to apply for an A10, which they do themselves with the unique identification details (microchip or closed ring number) along with the A10 certificate numbers of the parent birds and the A10 cert is passed on to the buyer (or the cert number, depending on the type of A10 cert).

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