New needles to ship tomorrow

New needles to ship tomorrow

Tomorrow 17th July we will start to send out the NEW Regular Trovan Needle only units, we have already emailed about these. We know that this will cause some Implanters a shock, boxes will be marked accordingly.

DO NOT USE THE OLD REGULAR/STANDARD Implanter guns or syringes with these.

If you have old guns throw them away, YOU CAN USE THE EXISTING MINI GUNS WITH THESE NEW NEEDLES.

Trovan are sponsoring new Implanter syringes for all those who have only used Reguar sizes, they (and I agree) feel that the gun system is not ideal. They have put a lot of effort into designing double bevelled needles which cut rather than push through skin, being able to see these and use them effectively is much easier with the syringe than the gun.

If you really don't like the syringes and MUST have a gun, phone us and we will attempt counselling or send you a replacement gun.

For those taking these needle only Regulars for the first time from us, we offering a subsidised price for the guns for the next year or so. Please order via the website or phone us.