The Pet Passport Scheme

We always suggest that you check the relevant Government webpages and speak to your vet or pet travel company about pet passports as requirements are constantly changing.

The Pet Passport Scheme was setup to allow dogs, cats and ferrets to travel between the UK and other member countries without having to be placed into quarantine.

An important aspect of this is that all pets travelling under a Pet Passport must be identifed with a microchip. All microchips sold in the UK and most of Europe are International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 11784 and ISO 11785 FDX-B compliant. petDetect Trovan microchips are ISO compliant and are therefore suitable for use in the Pet Passport Scheme, however the UK does not specifiy which protocol of microchip must be implanted.

Most customs staff and travel companies in Europe and the UK will carry a scanner that can only read microchips that meet the ISO standards. Some pet owners bringing pets from America and some parts of Australia may find that the microchips inserted in their pets do not meet these standards and therefore may not be readable by the scanners used by customs staff. As it is a pet owner's responsibility to ensure that the pet's microchip can be read when entering the country, it is advisable to bring your own microchip scanner when you travel for customs staff to use if your pet’s microchip doesn’t meet ISO standards. Our Universal Scanner is useful for this purpose due to is small portable size and it's ability to read all known microchips which may be inserted in companion animals.

We also recommend that any owner travelling with a pet that has a Pet Passport purchases a scanner to take with them in order to avoid any potential scanning problems with microchips as they pass through Customs - the Halo scanner is a good choice if being used for this purpose. It is also strongly recommended that you have your pet's microchip scanned on a regular basis, and having their microchip read each time before your pet leaves the country is always a sensible idea.

Another requirement for all pets entering the UK under the Pet Passport Scheme, is that the pet is vaccinated against rabies. Before any rabies vaccinations are given, the pet must have a microchip inserted. It is then essential that the animal is vaccinated against rabies correctly, including following the vaccine manufacturer's datasheets to ensure vaccinations and boosters are given within the appropriate timeframe. Failure to adhere could mean your pet is placed into quarantine until it meets the requirements for the scheme.

If you are encountering problems in relation to the microchip and your pet's passport, please visit DEFRA's FAQ page.

For more general information please visit:

EC Commission information - Movement of Pets (Dogs, Cats and Ferrets) - Questions & Answers

UK information - Taking your pet abroad

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