Universal 'Find a Chip' Microchip Scanner

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The product Universal Microchip Scanner is available in the following countries : Ireland, UK for all other delivery destinations please email info@pet-detect.com.
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Universal 'Find a Chip' Microchip Scanner

petDetect's Universal Microchip Scanner reads all known microchip types suitable for implant in animals. This includes FDX-B (15 digit), FDX-A (10 Digit) FECAVA, Trovan Unique and the AVID Encrypted. It is the best option for vets, rescues, dog wardens and any organizations likely to encounter lost or foreign pets. The Universal Microchip Scanner should be held flat over the animal (Red button facing up) when looking for a microchip to ensure the most accurate results. Features include: 

  • Reads multiple types of microchip
  • Battery operated and portable
  • One button scanning
  • Uses standard 9v battery (included)
  • Easy configuration
  • Belt / pocket clip


All organizations likely to scan animals regularly or encounter lost/foreign pets should have a Universal Microchip Scanner available to them. Old style 10 digit and Unique/ Encrypted microchips are still seen in the UK. Not having a Universal Scanner could result in an animal being microchipped twice or not being returned to their rightful owner.

To increase the chance of locating a microchip with your microchip scanner please follow our ‘How to scan for a microchip’ guide.

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