As Vets and Implanters, we share one thing in common: the welfare of the animals we work with. This is part of our values at petDetect, which is why we not only offer market leading Microchipping equipment, but resources to support the vet and implanter community. Please take a look below, and freely use the support we offer to you.



Please download our FREE Microchipping Toolkit with useful documentation as a starting point.

Click to get your FREE MICROCHIPPING TOOLKIT containing a pre-microchipping checklist, consent form, After microchipping care sheet, and finally an action plan for very rare adverse reactions.

CPD and information are important in all areas, and we will always want to provide accurate information for you and your clients. These public facing pages have a lot of information for pet owners and more, but if you would like access to the professional implanter information you are invited to register to see the pages.

Welcome to petDetect

The quality and difference we offer you

petDetect is a part of Biotope, a specialist veterinary practice dealing mainly with exotics and fish, owned by Dr.Peter Scott FRCVS.

Because quality is so important we distribute Trovan microchips and equipment, made to be uniquely reliable and chosen by many zoos worldwide, the US Kennel club etc etc. 

Trovan microchips are 'different' - made to a patented design with only 6 internal connections (all gold compression joints like the finest hifi) rather than the common 19-22 solders. They are laser-written rather than computer programmed - so immune from EMF, they are encased in medical bioglass and have no potentially irritant coatings.

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Our FREE registration not only adds you to our list of Implanters, that can be found though out Nation-wide search facility to help you get found, but registering also gives you access to our CPD materials too, so a fantastic resource for you and your team.

We work with Petlog, to avoid your clients being bothered by constant ads from so called 'free registration services', and to ensure that the database will be funded for the lifetime of the pet.

To add your practice/service to our FREE advertising Find an Implanter search system. 

PetDetect's own products are kept in stock to make dispatch as fast as possible. Generally, orders placed before 12.00pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched First Class the same day.
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