Why should I have my pet microchipped?

Sadly, it is estimated that 250,000 pets go missing every year. Even with the greatest care in the world there is always a risk of being part of that number.

Having a pet microchipped, with the owner's up-to-date contact details registered alongside the microchip number to a database, has been shown to greatly increase the chance that a lost or stolen pet will make it home. Collar identification tags are an important and legal requirement for dogs in England and Wales, but they can fall off, break or be removed. This cannot happen to a microchip. As a permanent method of identification it will normally last the lifetime of your pet. A microchip is around the size of a grain of rice, and is implanted underneath the skin between the shoulder blades. Once the microchip has been inserted your pet won’t even notice it is there.

If a local authority, veterinary practice or rescue recovers your pet and scans for a microchip, finding one will mean your pet is reunited with you quickly and easily. A microchip is totally inactive until a scanner is passed over it. The energy sent out by the scanner enables the microchip to transmit it's unique identification number. This is completely safe. Pet and owner details are registered alongside the unique microchip number on a pet microchip database - we use Petlog for UK registrations because of their high data protection standards as well as their vast experience in dealing with lost and found pets. For the Republic of Ireland, our microchips are offered in conjunction with the Irish Kennel Club dog database. Once an authorised person knows your pet's unique microchip number, a quick call or search on the database will allow them to obtain your contact details. Keeping your contact details up to date is crucial to ensure your pet is returned safely, without this the microchipping system can be rendered useless and under the compulsory microchipping regulations introduced across the UK, keepers have a legal obligation to do so.

petDetect supply the renowned Trovan Microchip. With 25 years of experience behind the design, they are manufactured in the EU to the highest six-sigma standards as well being fully ISO 11784/11785 compliant. You can be assured you are making the best choice for your pet by asking for a petDetect microchip.

Microchipping dogs is compulsory in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Some exotic species must also be microchipped under the Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) agreement.

What species can be microchipped?
Many people now microchip their dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. However, microchipping plays an important role in identifying any animal. Microchips have been used in zoos, wildlife projects and in many pet exotics as well as livestock, fish and equines. In the past few years we have supplied them for use in a wide range of animals from horses to reptiles and dormice. Many different species can be registered with Petlog, and here at petDetect we recommend all pet exotics are microchipped. Many pet exotics must be microchipped by a vet due to the varying implant sites and the requirement for anatomical knowledge to be able to place them. The number of exotics vets across the UK is increasing and many are knowledgeable in microchipping different species. Owners interested in the procedure should use the Find an Exotics Vet feature of our sister company Vetark Professional to locate an experienced vet in their area.

How much does pet microchipping cost?
Costs will vary depending on the implanter, the area of the country you are located and how many animals you need to have microchipped. Most implanters charge between £10-20 (€15-30) per pet - please visit our Find an Implanter page to search for your local petDetect Implanter. Most implanters will Include registration onto the Petlog/IKC database for your pet in this charge. Unless you need to update contact details or change ownership there are no further charges involved in remaining on the microchip database

REMEMBER TO REGISTER YOUR MICROCHIP AND KEEP THE DETAILS UP TO DATE. THIS IS VITAL BECAUSE: without your address, your pet can't be returned unless the details are up to date, your pet isn't legally microchipped.

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