There are various reasons why fish which may benefit from microchip ID

microchipped crucian carp

Specimen carp for fishing and koi carp for display. Although there are others such as identification of endangered species, or of sturgeon for traceability of no-kill caviar.

Large specimen carp and indeed other species, are always the likely target of thieves, from leisure fisheries, fish farms and even from garden ponds.  

Leisure fishery owners!   Do you remember the floods of 2007?   
An Anglers Mail article reported that the Environment Agency had 'rescued' 11,000 fish over a two or three month period!  No-one knew who the fish belonged to - and how do you identify your fish and prove ownership 'beyond all reasonable doubt'? Now you can - with a Chips4Fish microchip implant!

A Chips4Fish microchip could have identified those fish and led to them being returned to their home lake and rightful owners (after a period of quarantine of course).  How? Through the unique ID number written to the microchip during manufacture. When you implant a Chips4Fish microchip and register it on the national database, you give that fish an indisputable home address - your lake!

Stock Management ..... 
Microchipping your fish is not just about the danger of theft or flood loss. Microchipping is a valuable management tool

Elphics fishery

Why microchip your carp?

There are a number of reasons why your fish should be invisibly security tagged, whether you are a keeper with a small pond and a limited number of fish, a private syndicate lake, an angling club with your own waters or a large angling centre.

a)   For security!

1)   Fish, particularly larger lake carp, are a valuable asset - why risk leaving them unprotected?

2)   A micro-chipped fish immediately becomes an identifiable individual.  Specimen carp fisheries often claim that they can identify fish from photographs,  how much more secure to have an indisputable identity, in the form of an incorruptible microchip ID, than to argue over possible likenesses, on a photograph, of a fish that can gain or lose pounds in weight between captures.

3)   Save money on insurance perhaps.  Unidentifiable, uninsured fish are a thief's best friend!.

Elphics fishery 2

b)  For stock management

4)   A microchip allows you to indisputably ID particular fish and study their progress, growth rate and health.
5)   Chips can help weed out non-performing stock so you know that what's in your lake is only the best for your anglers!
6)   Easy and certain identification of suitable fish for breeding projects

c)   For your anglers

7)   Opportunities for 'Chipped fish' competitions as an extra at matches and for catch report incentives! This publicises that your fish are identified.
8)   Some lakes are keeping detailed catch reports... What fish, where, when, on what bait etc. Not quite cricket perhaps but valuable information for the specimen hunter who's after 'the big one'!  

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