FAQs regarding petlog

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Do you use the Petlog database?
Yes! We only recommend the Petlog database for registrations within the UK. Petlog is based in the UK and operates 365 days per year, is the largest in the UK and is managed by The Kennel Club, pets are registered for life and their 24/7 telephone number is 01296 336 579. They are a 'not for profit' organisation. They also defer some of the fees they receive to maintain the database for years to come. Why even consider the others?
For dog registrations in the Republic of Ireland, we recommend the Irish Kennel Club dog identification database. They are DAFM compliant, and accept registrations for both pedigree and non-pedigree dogs. The IKC have been involved with running a microchip database for over 10 years.

What registration options are there for Petlog?
Registration of animals with Petlog can either be completed online, or via filling in a paper form which can be posted to them. All microchips sold by petDetect come with basic lifetime registration onto the Petlog database unless they are intended for use in zoos or wildlife. Online registration is the recommended method. Once you have been setup with an authorised online account with Petlog it is a very easy process. Paper records can still be kept by using our online ‘jotter’ forms available on our downloads page. Microchips sold with paper registration are supplied with Petlog forms that can be filled in and posted to Petlog to process registrations.

I am an implanter - how do I register pet and owner details online with Petlog?

Firstly, if you do not already have an authorised Petlog account, you will need to apply for one by filling in this form.
Once your account has been set-up, you can use this to log-in online to process registrations.
In order for you to keep records of your online registrations, a copy of the online 'jotter' form can be downloaded at the bottom of the pape.

Help! I am an implanter and I have forgotten my log-in details to register pets online with Petlog.
We do not hold any implanter usernames and passwords for this service. You will need to contact Petlog directly for these details to be retrieved. Before they can assist you, they will ask for your 5-digit implanter PIN code for security purposes, this can be found on your training certificate, or if you are unsure what your code is you can contact us on 01962 813 554.

I am an Implanter and my address/contact details have changed - whom do I need to inform?

We need to be contacted by phone or email to ensure we keep your delivery address and contact details up to date when processing your orders. We will then notify Petlog of these changes as well so they can update their records. This is also extremely important incase petDetect or Petlog need to contact you for backtrack purposes.

PetDetect's own products are kept in stock to make dispatch as fast as possible. Generally, orders placed before 12.00pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched First Class the same day.
Our new implanter-search service is free for participating implanters and free for owners to lookup.
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