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thank you for your help -

Peter, I would like to say thank you for your help. PetDetect is not just a business that sells a product, you have provided help and support and a great after sales service that is very seldom seen these days. Annie said your descriptive email was very helpful. She also was happy that we had a varying age range in the chicks so she could see the difference in the pipping muscle. We successfully implanted four chicks on Saturday morning and thus far have seen no side effects from the procedure. I took some pictures of the implantation and will mail those to you later today or tomorrow. I may be able to get some better images when the next chicks hatch, it just depends how quickly you need them. Annie also suggested producing a video of the procedure as it may help others given that we found information relatively hard to find. Again, many thanks, Adrian. Adrian Fretwell


Glad I took the course -

I took my ferrets to the Liverpool course and they were great – I wasn't sure if I could chip them but it was easy. Some people hadn't seen a ferret before! A We came as a group from our training club and we all passed. The tutor explained everything first and then we had a practice on Lucky girl before they let us chip our dogs. The vet was excellent and he showed us exactly where to inject. My hands were shaking but after doing my first one I calmed down and even enjoyed it. T and friends. Our daughter did the course in Northampton and we collected her afterwards. She got her certificate and was very happy with the whole course. I will now go on the next one. Once we got to the venue, which was quite difficult to find, we were OK. Arrived a few minutes late due to our sat nav taking us to another stretch of road. The nurse welcomed us in and within a few moments we were seated and practicing with the gun and needle. The needle is quite large but when I chipped my big boy Toffee he just stood there and didn't make a sound. He normally cries in the vets waiting room. Well run course and will tell my friends about it. Cute vet! Thank you for letting me take part – I was on the waiting list and got your call the day before. Glad I took the course. I can now chip my litters as I feel very strongly that all pets should be microchipped.

Pete Leeds S and A, Devon


enjoyable course -

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable course. We run a small rescue and this is going to make a big difference to us as we usually have to take the animals to the vet.

Sandra S and A, Devon


Thank you for your very fast service. -

Thank you for your very fast service.The scanner came in handy in France because the vet did not have a scanner that could read the chip. That saved us so much money and of course lots of hassle. Oct 2011 Having rescued a puppy in China whilst working in a small town, I was looking to bring him home to the UK. Problems arose when I could not ensure the micro-chip that local vets were to use would be compatible with UK and European regulations - what to do? I located "petDetect" via a web search and turned to them for help.A decision I have not regretted since day one. Their service and attention to detail are first class. The company ensured I received the chips, implanter and chip reader in good time - not an easy task considering I was located in the middle of one of the remotest areas in Yunnan Province, south-west of the country. The instructions provided also allowed the local Animal Health Bureau to perform the procedure faultlessly. Should I ever be in a position to need the services of "petDetect" again,I will not hesitate to contact them - and neither should you.



Many, many thanks -

 I am not sure of which staff member dealt with my order, but I would just like to say a massive thank-you for getting them in the post as quickly as she did. To my mind her actions were above and beyond the normal call of duty and I really appreciate it.


Incredible! -

I placed my order before noon yesterday and it was delivered before 10.00 this morning. What great service: the postman was very proud of GPO service too!

Thank you,

Patsy Purvis

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See what our customers said.