The petDetect System

Trovan microchip

The combined experience of petDetect and Trovan offers a level of support and expertise you can be confident in.

 Trovan transponders are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards. The company has been manufacturing transponder products for over 25 years and have sold more than 280 million globally in this time. Please visit our page on the Trovan difference to find out more.

petDetect is owned and run by veterinary consultancy firm Biotope Ltd. Our extensive veterinary knowledge and experience means we can provide the highest quality support for implanters including technical and legislative advice - anything you can think of relating to the use of RFID in animals.

Our system is designed to be technologically excellent, minimise the chance of issues and be simple to use. We are committed to quality and reliability so implanters and pet owners can rest assured that our products won't fail them when needed the most.

needle only trovan microchip

The trovan Microchip
Designed and manufactured in the EU by patent-owners Trovan, these microchips have quality hard-wired into them. Each microchip is contained in a sterilized needle and individually blister packed. Each blister pack has 6 barcode labels with the microchip number attached so the number can be transferred to documents with ease.

The Trovan microchip uses the latest technology (FDX-B) which fully complies with the Pet Passport Scheme and compulsory microchipping legislation for dogs. The unique manufacturing process means each Trovan microchip has only 6 components (compared with 16 - 19 components in most other brands - see our Trovan Difference page) and does not contain any lead solder.

We can supply microchips in two sizes, the regular 12mm and mini 8mm, available in two systems - either needle only for use with a re-useable implant tool or in a convenient all-in-one format. Our mini microchip is one of the smallest microchips on the market. All our microchips can be read by any scanner capable of reading FDX-B microchips, regardless of the manufacturer.

The Needle
The needle has a large double bevel, making it as sharp as a scalpel. Its thin walled design helps minimise discomfort to the animal by decreasing resistance to insertion, even on tough skinned animals. If implanters choose our two part needle and re-useable implanter system, the needle fits securely onto the implant gun or syringe using a Luer lock to remove the risk of it accidentally detaching mid-prodecure. Alternatively, with our convenient all-in-one format microchips the needle and implant tool are pre-assembled ready for immediate use.

implant gun and syringe

The Implant Gun and Syringe
Strong, durable, and re-useable 'pistol-grip' gun or syringe style implanter for total control and ease of use. Operated by simply squeezing the trigger or depressing the plunger. Implanters can expect these to last way beyond their one year warranty as long as they are maintained properly.

Petlog or Irish Kennel Club Registration
Each microchip sold to implanters in the UK comes with life-long registration onto the Petlog database. Registration can be done either by using the online facility on Petlog's website, or by sending hard-copy forms to Petlog by post. Implanters and using the on-line option may want to print our Petlog jotter form to aid in recording the pet and owner details.

We recommend that pet owners take out the extra Petlog Premium service.

Microchips supplied to implanters in the Republic of Ireland are offered in conjunction with registration to the Irish Kennel Club dog identification database. The IKC offers convenient dual registration for dogs onto the pedigree register and a microchip database simply by completing one form. They also accept registrations for non-pedigree dogs.

Bar codes
Each microchipping system comes with 6 bar code labels. Implanters can offer these to their clients for future use on insurance certificates or travel documents.

Boxed in multiples of 10's so that implanters don't have to hold large stocks if not required. Delivery is usually within 3 working days of placing an order - we always do our best to send orders out the same day if they are received before 12.00 Monday - Friday.

The Scanner
Our microchips are capable of being located by any scanner that can read FDX-B microchips, however we supply a Universal Scanner alongside standard models for microchips that don't fall in this category. The Universal Scanner reads all known pet microchip formats and we recommend any authority or person that comes into contact with lost or stray animals on a regular basis has access to one.

PetDetect's own products are kept in stock to make dispatch as fast as possible. Generally, orders placed before 12.00pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched First Class the same day.
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