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The Petlog database - managed by the UK Kennel Club

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About Pelog

Implanting a microchip in an animal is only one part of the process - choosing a reliable and secure microchip database to store pet and owner details is essential for the identification and reunification potential of a microchip to be successful. petDetect Trovan microchips supplied within the UK are registered to the Petlog database. Petlog is the largest microchip database operating in the UK – over 8 million pet owners trust them with their details. The database is the only not-for-profit, and is managed by the UK Kennel Club. Petlog have been involved in many high profile lobbying cases within the microchip industry and are a strong voice with regards to animal welfare. They also set-up and run National Microchipping Month every June.

What is the purpose of a database?

It is important to note that pet and owner details are not stored within the microchip itself - each microchip is pre-programmed with a unique 15-digit number which is displayed by the microchip scanner when the animal is scanned. Microchip databases store all the pet and owner details alongside this microchip number. When an animal is scanned and it's microchip number is known, the database must then be contacted to obtain the owner's contact details. They therefore play an extemely important role reuniting lost and stray pets with their owners.

With this is mind it is important to choose a database that takes data security seriously, and has staff with the knowledge and expertise to ensure lost or found pets are reunited with their owners as quickly as possible. Petlog are the only UK database to have achieved ISO27001 compliance in relation to data security and management. Their Priority Reunification helpline is also operational 24/7 365 days a year - meaning regardless of when a pet goes missing they can offer help and advice.

Petlog also defer their income for 10 years - ensuring they can continue to offer a lifetime service.

Why have petDetect chosen Petlog?

  • Petlog are the largest and one of the longest running microchip databases operating in the UK.
  • Petlog operate on a not-for-profit basis - the only database in the UK to do so.
  • Petlog is the only UK database that is ISO27001 compliant – meaning they take the safe and responsible storage of owner and pet data seriously.
  • Petlog are fully compliant for the purposes of the compulsory microchipping legislation for dogs.
  • They are founding members of the European Pet Network and are the only UK member. Petlog work with other microchip databases across Europe to track missing or found pets - meaning  even if a pet goes missing abroad it could be successfully reunited with its owner.
  • Petlog operate their reunification line 24/7 365 days a year.
  • They defer their income for 10 years, meaning that they can continue to offer a lifetime service.
  • Petlog offer expert guidance and advice for pet owners and implanters when dealing with lost and found pets.
  • In the event that microchip details are not stored on the Petlog database, they will offer guidance on the database that does need to be contacted.
  • Petlog in conjunction with petDetect offer a secure backtrack system – meaning that even if pets go missing before a microchip has been successfully registered, or in events where              incorrect details have been entered onto the system, the owner can still be traced.

petDetect are proud to work alongside Petlog - we recognise their expertise and commitment to offering a secure and reliable service - ensuring that lost pets can be quickly reunited with their owners.

Petlog Premium

All microchips supplied by petDetect come with basic lifelong registration onto the Petlog database. However, we would recommend considering Petlog Premium; for a one-off payment, this premium service offers several benefits for the lifetime of the animal whilst it is in your care, including:

  • ☻Unlimited free updates to contact details
  • ☻Add secondary emergency contact details e.g friend/relative
  • ☻Add holiday contact details if you are travelling with your pet abroad
  • ☻Download and create lost pet posters
  • ☻Send a lost pet alert to vets, wardens and rescues within a 30 mile radius
  • ☻Flag your pet as missing or update contact details immediately through the mydog or mycat app

Keeping your contact details updated/changes in ownership of a pet.

It is essential that your contact details are kept updated on the Petlog database to ensure that your pet can be reunited if it ever strays.
Petlog need to be contacted directly - petDetect do not hold any pet or owner details and so cannot update them.
Petlog can be contacted on 01296 336 579, or changes can be carried out online at You will need your pet's microchip number - this can be found on their registration paperwork, or alternatively your pet can be scanned by a vet, warden or rescue in order to obtain their microchip number.