About petDetect

The Managing Director Dr.Peter Scott FRCVS

petDetect is a part of Biotope, a specialist veterinary practice dealing mainly with exotics and fish. The Managing Director Dr.Peter Scott FRCVS worked in high quality small animal practice for 8 years before following 'the dream' of working with zoos etc. Along the way he has worked with many exotic pets and continued with dogs by being the vet advising Disney and caring for lots of adults and puppies through 101 and 102 Dalmatians (he is listed in the credits), he is proud to have worked with some of the top animal trainers and animal coordinators in the world.

Over the years he was worked with educational aspects of the veterinary profession, various boards at RCVS. He was also a Council member of the Companion Animal Welfare Council for many years. In 2006 founded the Companion Animal Sector Council which works with all of the companion animals sectors, linking them with DEFRA. 

With his wife he has kept Norwich Terriers almost continually since 1978. Together they also founded Vetark Professional, a company supplying a range of products for exotic pets, this was sold in 2018 to Candioli.

We were approached by Trovan when Rosemary who was the face of pet-detect for many years decided to retire. Because Peter had known of Trovan microchips in zoos for years he decided that it would be a good fit. Peter had done trials for one of the early microchip suppliers (the old Destron 10 digit chips) in zoos in the mid 1980s, microchipping animals before the use in companion animals took off. He also microchipped dogs for the Disney film 102 Dalmatians when they became some of the first dogs to travel under the Pet Passport Scheme - they travelled to Paris for filming.



We support the Microchip Trade Association as full members and currently offer their training scheme through contracted trainers.

We firmly believe that the database should be operated independently (to have minimal advertising) and be funded such that whatever happens there is sufficient money to maintain the database as long as the dogs and cats live. That means that there needs to be at least 20 years funding security. For us, that means supporting petlog as our database of choice.

PetDetect's own products are kept in stock to make dispatch as fast as possible. Generally, orders placed before 12.00pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched First Class the same day.
Our new implanter-search service is free for participating implanters and free for owners to lookup.
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